About Janine’s New Book

About Janine’s New Book: A Little Bit Vulnerable – on Hollywood, God, Politics and Sobriety

In A Little Bit Vulnerable, actress Janine Turner opens up about her private life for the first time, claiming she feels, “a little bit vulnerable.” In this breathtaking sweep of her half century of living, Janine journeys through the canyons of her life and tells how she sought horizons. Through the treasure chest of her private poetry to essays, opinion-editorials, radio interviews, and letters, Janine reveals how she climbed out of the canyons of Hollywood, heartbreak, alcoholism, and the recent death of her father by grabbing the hand of God, as well as her call to action for American men, women, and children to preserve American principles. Janine weaves wisdom from her ancestors, Publius, politicians, and her own personal “life lessons,” into a tapestry of triumph, taking the reader along with her.


Praise for Janine’s New Book: A Little Bit Vulnerable – on Hollywood, God, Politics and Sobriety

“Janine Turner is a breath of fresh air in the political forum. Her educated opinions come from laborious research and a profound respect for our Republic’s founding principles. She knows that liberty and knowledge are synonymous. Her quest to light a fire in the hearts and minds of America’s citizenry is contagious.” —Donald Trump

“Janine Turner is a renegade for the republic! Her essays on The Federalist and opinion editorials on culture, women, and politics evoke reason and clarify why conservative principles matter. If only everyone in Hollywood thought this way!” —Sean Hannity

“Janine Turner is a proud patriot. He father, Turner Gauntt, a graduate of West Point and an Air Force hero, was one of the first fly Mach 2. She knows firsthand that our troops fight to protect our U.S. Constitution, which in turn protects our liberties, and her pride in her dad, and those who serve, shines bright in this wonderful and very personal book. Her tribute to her father, who recently passed, rivals the most moving of Hollywood screenplays.” —Gary Sinise, actor, Forrest Gump and CSI: NY, The Gary Sinise Foundation

“A leading voice in today’s conservative movement, Janine Turner gives a thoughtful take on the state of the nation, the trials our country faces, and how her faith has been an integral aspect of her life in her new book, A Little Bit Vulnerable – Hollywood, God, Sobriety & Politics. By taking the reader on a journey through her own tribulations and how her faith has helped her overcome them, Janine provides a story of hope and inspiration.” —Karl Rove, Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush and author of the New York Times bestseller, “Courage and Consequence”


“Samuel Beckett said it best, “All poetry is prayer.” In Janine Turner’s book, A Little Bit Vulnerable, she chronicles her amazing life through poetry, founding Constituting America, politics, Hollywood, God, the death of her father, and twenty-eight years of sobriety. We feel her fortitude as early as thirteen, echoing Ralph Waldo Emerson, “If a man wants to build a carriage, let him, but just don’t let him forget how to walk,” and her awakening at twenty six, “Like a racehorse Transcending From the gallop Through the cantor To the trot; her inward angst turning outward with resolutions of what the Truth must be . . . that it runs further Than me.” Like Emerson, Turner is a champion of individualism, aware of the constant battles mankind must face each day to stay sane, to hold on to tenderness. Her voice is of the young heart, yet philosophical, always reaching to find its way in a world tormented by a daily devil. We see a warrior; a defender of our American way of life; a woman whose inner beauty outshines even her Hollywood glamour. You will be moved by her extraordinary strength, her words rising like prayer in the modern rush; Emerson’s own quote, a perfect mantra: “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” —Karla K. Morton, 2010 Texas Poet Laureate

“Janine’s personal story is a powerful testament to the reality of long-term recovery from alcoholism, and her willingness to share this story publicly is both courageous and inspirational.” —Greg Williams, Filmmaker: The Anonymous People

“Every now and then God creates a person with an exceptional combination of gifts. They have insight, commitment, courage, and faith. They see things we all need to see, and understand things we all need to understand. Janine Turner is just such a gift.” —Monsignor Don Fischer, Pastoral Reflections Institute, St. Joseph Catholic Church



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The book is transcripts from Janine’s radio show, All American Common Sense and includes interviews with:

Select Northern Exposure cast mates including Barry Corbin & Darrin Burrows

Senator Mike Lee, R-UT

Governor Jan Brewer, AR

Professor Gordon Lloyd, Pepperdine University, on the 17th Amendment

Judge Jim Rogan on President Clinton’s Impeachment

Kate Obenshain on women, and men, in the Republican Party

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